Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Im excited to be going to...

My Bf and I have been living separate lives it seems, he is working full time on his Masters while I try to do my school/work thing. We have talked about how we think we deserve a trip to getaway and relax since we have both been busy and not able to see each other very often. After throwing ideas out on the table of where to go (Hawaii, Cuba, Brazil, Peru and many other places) my man and I have decided to go on vacation next Spring. The verdict is in and we have decided on going to...


I cannot stop thinking of the Bahamas, my mind is full of tropical distractions. At work I heard light and airy tropical music and I was swept away back into the lazy Summer feeling.

I have to start thinking which Island I want to stay on since there are over 700 in the Bahamas maybe I could stay on Johnny Depps Island

Has anyone ever been vacationing in the Bahamas and have some tips on where to stay or places I should see?

This trip is going to be amazing!

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