Friday, October 16, 2009

Dedicated to the Boys.

In case you haven't noticed I love my cats, alot. Everyday I come home and I'm sure to be the only one who calls their name and picks them up like a baby and talks to them. Does this make me look crazy? Whatever, I love how these cats have brought alot of peace, as well as chaos into the home.

My two black cats Momo and Dezmo were brought to us through divine intervention when our beloved Bombay was hit by a car last October.

He had big Golden eyes and loved posing for pictures!

Here Iam holding him a few days before he was killed. I cried for days, probably a whole month over this cats passing. I had Bombay since he was a kitten when my boyfriend gave him to me. This was one of the saddest days of losing a pet I have ever had. I remember waking up to screaming and crying, my dad holding my cat who was lying lifeless in his arms. I remember going to the grocery store that day to buy flowers to put next to my buried cat and started crying because of all the black cat Halloween decor.

A few days later I willed my dad to go with me to the animal shelter to just be around the cats that need attention. I didn't expect to bring another cat home anytime soon but that day we ran into a kitten that my dad instantly was drawn to.



I was drawn to this guy, I played with him for over an hour the first day I saw him. MoMo happy kitty is what I call him. Both of these guys happened to be brought in on the same day that Bombay was killed. I could not wait to bring these new kittens home even though I was still very sad about Bombay. The day I brought them home I was sooo excited to see them in a home of their own instead of a cage most likely waiting to die. So yes Iam that crazy cat lady and yes I love my cats.

So let me end this long and bittersweet blog with a photo of Momo looking down were Bombay is buried. I find very touching.

RIP Bombay June 2005-October 2008

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