Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Too many fires, not enough Fall blazers.

Its blazing here in Southern California yet all I can think of is my new blazers for fall and whether to keep one, both or none.
I took a few photos in the backyard and it was way too hot to be wearing anything more than skin.
So I need your help in deciding on
Jcrew Velvet Eden Blazer $130.00
H&M Dark Purple corduroy blazer $34.00

I really want a purple blazer and cannot decide. Please help!


dinagideon said...

Oh, I do love the way you popped the collar on the H&M jacket! And that deep almost indigo color is so pretty with your complexion. So while this pains me...I vote for the H&M...

If you keep both, you should know you have chosen well, as the Eden does look very nice, as well, but the H&M has that something special.

Oh, poor Southern CA...I hope all my relatives are okay...they stretch from Lompoc (where I was born) south to southern Orange County. Yuck--BAD wildfires.

jcmama said...

I love the Eden blazer, especially the plum color looks fabulous on you. It's a tough choice cause the H&M one looks great, too. I say go with the one you absolutely love.