Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thanks for...

Say it isn't so, another Summer has come and gone and yes I'm getting sentimental on you all. This Summer had many familiar faces, somewhat scary photos, early geology lecture class and many magical moments that make my life worth living.

    It all started off with the Summer Solstice party that ended in a night of swimming and dancing. Later on the months passed by like a page in a good book that you know will soon end, yet you keep reading so fast because it has captured your attention. 1,2,3 months go by and all of a sudden Fall session has started and August is not even half way through. You drag yourself to the newest set of classes feeling out of place in the hot Sun that has taken all your energy away. You belong at the beach, on an airplane anywhere but inside a classroom.

    Before you know it, its already labor day, and that my friends is when you can see smell and taste that Summer is almost out of fashion. The pumpkin spice latte is being sold at every coffee shop and Halloween decorations are put out. All you can anticipate next is the fact that you can actually wear your fall clothing that you just bought at full price from Jcrew a month ago. But don't you fear my friends Fall is just as wonderful as Summer, go outside and see for yourself. The weather is just right and the lighting is beautifully laid out, long shadows with a hint of that orange glow.

Thanks for another Summer and lets hope for a Fall filled with leaves, pumpkins and all of our cute clothes we cannot wait to wear!

PS: to feel inspired to write listen to the Chamber, Baroque Pandora radio station. Classical music is so inspiring to me, it helps my thoughts come through to the world better than anything else. The Moses and Marco Polo suite is really really really really GREAT!


yogagirl said...

Amen! Nicely written!

Mslay said...

Thanks YogaGirl :)