Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Limited Yoga Collection, for yoga and non-yoga types

Is it possible to love yoga inspired clothing and at the same time not be a yoga enthusiast in any way?Well I say yes, it is ok to look like you just got out of yoga class and somehow have not a single tear of sweat rolling down your forehead.

The only reason I wear yoga clothing is because it is usually soft, stretchy and makes you feel good, kind of like after you work out minus the sweat and heart rate. After a long day of work or class all I want to do is slip into my velour track pants a loose top and mellow out.

Looks like one of my favorite retailers as well as old employer The Limited has caught on to the look with their new Yoga Collection. The look says "I look like I worked out but I didn't" or "I look really comfortable and I am... are you jealous?" They even made this easy on you by making their new collection affordable for most women who might have a Target esque budget.

The lowest price on the menu it the Yoga Ribbed Tank $14.50 or 2/$20. That is really reasonable don't you think?

The highest piece they offer in the collection is the Yoga Lightweight coat $69.50.coat This is a sporty slouchy splendid coat that is going to for sure be a hot item.

You can purchase these items and more at The Limited.

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