Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gilligan's Exotica Island Party

This weekend I really needed a good excuse to have fun and bring my friends along for the ride, so I had a Gilligan's Island party! Most of the people I invited didn't make for whatever reason, but I had a Wonderful time with the friends who went on my 3+ hr tour.

We had 2 Millionaire's, 2 Maryanne's, 2 Gingers and many people dressed as is. Some people just "don't" get the point of theme parties. A theme party usually involves dressing the part, am I wrong?

Katrina, Me and Kendra enjoying the fireside

The Millionaire's

The Millionaire & his wife

Kendra posing in the desert garden

"we don't always sing, but when we do we prefer Deus Equis"

Amy, Brit. and Jod. Having a good time.
Coconuts anybody?

The end of a crazy Island party.

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