Tuesday, June 16, 2009

JAzzanova forever

I want to share with you all a little something that has kept me from going to the dark side, the deep side, the no dice side. My savior my god my lovely little getaway is JazzaNova. This is a place not a song not a thing you put in a cd player. This is a feeling a way of being a way of life a way to travel through sound to a better brighter place where it is always sunny and smells of waves and ocean waters.

Jazzanova you have brought me many a great times many songs to sing along to an many ways to express myself and where I want to be. I will always choose you over any type of music as my all time favorite. It wasn't till a few years ago that I really found my love of Latin American Music, where was I who was I what was I listening to then?

The Summer sun is shining on me now I must go on must move out to a place beyond these four walls. Please take a few minutes out of every day to listen to this magical music.

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