Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walk it out.

Whew this was another busy week for me and all I wanna do is walk it out. I need to get rid of any bad vibes from work or school now. Then I can go on with my day and start a new week fresh and free of worries.

walk it out

IN a few minutes I will be in the hills watching the sunset.
Ahh Ive been waiting all day to do this.


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

It sounds as if we've had similar weeks, and I wish I could *get away* by myself to do this, too. I have to say that life has been extra stressful and disheartening for me lately, and a good long walk (or two or three) could do wonders for my spirit and soul! I hope you had a wonderful time! Hang in there, Maggy! :)

Mslay said...

Thanks FFM for thinking of me. I actually got to walk 3 miles at sunset, really helped me to get whats on my mind and in my heart out of me. I hope you too can have a moment to do this, and release whatever it is that stress's you. Hope your monday wasnt "Just another Manic Monday...wish it was Sunday"-always liked that song.