Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Latin Escapism

     Take me away to a far off place where the sand is soft and the water is warm. Just listening to Astrud Gilberto has brought my mind on a mini-South American vacation. Her music has brought out the creative side of me that was hibernating during winter break. I busted out the markers and started drawing whatever was on my mind. You'll see the drawing below.

Here is a cute video of Astrd Gilberto singing the oh-so wonerful "Girl from Ipanema"

An Ipanema beach spot. So CROWDED!

Ms. Astrud Gilberto

This is a drwaing of a Bride and Groom that I saw in my Jcrew catalog.

This is another another drawing that was inspired from Jcrew catalogs

This is my new Logo for Deco-Auroa, and it was hand sketched.

Here is some abstract drawing of some flowers.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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