Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I dream in Coconut!

Coconut is one of my favorite scents/flavors ever and I would like to share some of the various forms it come in:

I have a friend that works at Philosphoy and she is a fellow Coconut freak. She gave me this bath gel and it is very silky and smells like the real thing.

Maui Brewing company is an American beer crafted in the Island of hawaii and it is a special treat. This is a POrter style beer which is very dark and rich in flavor, with a slight Coconut after taste. Goes well with chocolate mousse cake.

Starbucks no longer sells this version of the Frappuccino, thank god cause I had them all the time. The Coconut frap had a syrup flavoring it as well as coconut shavings...mmm that were blended in and sprinkled on top.

Just looking at this Coconut is making my mouth water.

Here is my poor mans Coconut spray from bath and body works, which has been discontinued. Sad, it was my favorite scent they had.

I have realized that Coconut must not be really popular since it is always being discontinued from the brands it is in. I however still love it.

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